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Registration - This Q & A is for new coaches:

1. My volunteers will report to the regional desk and check in for assignment. Where is that desk?

  1. See the map - REGISTRATION - it is the same area for everything - volunteers, coaches, event captains, etc.

2. Do my parent setting up the camp will need to check in and get the arm bands?  I have the rosters from the 18th meeting - when and where do I turn them in/use them?

  1. One person - usually the head coach - officially checks the team in.

  2. You tell Liz Wills (who has been doing this for about 15 years) where you will set up your base camp so that she can tell late arrivers where you are.

  3. You hand the team rosters to Liz Wills.

  4. Liz Wills hands you an big envelope with the armbands and any final information that I think you need.

 3. I issue the armbands to the students at my camp when they arrive and away they go!!??

  1. Yup.  For Div B kids, it is often useful to have parents escort groups of them to their events so that they can relax about finding the rooms.  Then have parents collect them after the events and bring them back to base camp.  Debrief them immediately if they do not have any events in the following time period.  Make notes - how was the event structured?  What material was on it?  How well prepared did the students feel they were?  Keep these notes for next year.

 4. Where should we set up the school Base Camp?

  1. We suggest that every school set up a home base with a parent sitting there, with snacks, with extra schedules, a cell phone.  The choices of places to hang out are of two types - in the middle of everything which is around the Quad area or outside the fray.  Last year a couple of schools set up near classrooms that were not being used.  Very peaceful but less entertaining.

5. Can we use cell phones at the events?

  1. Cell phones must be turned off and put away when students are in events.  Event captains should not see them.  For construction events - after students get their devices out of impound, they should not be on cell phonesc


Cindy's Words:

Students, parents, and students, Please review your event description sheets VERY CAREFULLY—LINE by LINE!!!  I can’t tell you how important this is!  Students must make sure they meet all requirements of their events!  Otherwise we could be disqualified (DQ’d).  If we are DQ’d in even one category, it could hurt our overall score of the total event!  Liz has stressed reading those sheets line-by-line.  I have several copies of all event sheets if you need more.  Email me and I’ll scan you a copy if needed. 

Parents, make sure you read your student’s event sheets and follow up with your student’s coaches to make sure!  This is a good time to review those sheets, watch your DVD’s to make sure you have covered everything. 

Liz’ son (who is now in charge of the scoring room at the day of the event) went to Nationals for his mouse-trap car and took 1st (this is now wheeled vehicle).  She said, that he would test, re-make, test, re-make, test, re-make until he got the perfect car.  She is an amazing lady to still do SO even years after.  She was once a coach and then a coordinator—this was at La Jolla High. While she coordinated, her husband coached three events!

The AWARDS ceremony is at 2:30 PM on the day of SO.  We have the small break while they are scoring from 1-2 PM.  The ceremony is so much fun! 


Also, EVERYONE must be at S0 even if ill!!!! 




The information listed here are forwarded by Cindy Morrin January 26, 2006

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